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Solar Prime and Electrical
At Solar Prime We Offer Best Services
Solar Prime is a world-class provider of solar power systems across Australia. We take great pride in providing green energy solutions – helping our clients with our expertise to reduce their power bills and making the world better place to live by reducing green house emissions.

At Solar Prime we provides a wide range of solar systems for residential and commercial Projects.

5KW solar power system
The smallest package we offer is our 5KW solar power system, which is ideal for small homes and businesses. Whether you’re a couple, a young family, or a sole trader, a 5kW solar system is the ideal entry point for your home or business.

6.6KW solar power system
The medium one we offer is our 6.6KW solar power system. A 6.6kW solar panel and a corresponding inverter is enough to power a large family home or small business.

10kW solar system
The third one we offer is 10kW solar system which is among our most popular with a efficient and reliable panel and inverter combination providing enough power for large residential homes or small commercial operations. While we also stock a number of larger solar systems for more demanding commercial applications, a 10kW solar panel and inverter solution is often the ideal middle ground.